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Matthew Schroeder, 55
My name is Matthew A. Schroeder( pron. schrader). I am originally from a little town outside St.Louis, Mo called Cedar Hill. I am 55 years old and have been riding on and off for some 30 odd years. Married and got a whole bunch of dependents. I fully believe in what ABATE is all about or I would have never accepted the office. If anyone has input, discussion or criticism please feel free to contact me on the forum, or by e-mail; maschroeder@aol.com
You can contact me by email at anytime with questions.
My name is Shane and I have lived in Alabama all of my life. I started riding
motorcycles at 5 years old on a Honda 50. I put a lot of miles on my bike riding
all over our great country. Riding at first light and watching the sun rise over
the great plains or seeing the sunset riding through the desert southwest is
something that I wish all bikers could see. That is why I am in ABATE so all
bikers can ride as I have and be safe while doing it.

I did not even want a motorcycle at age eighteen when I found I needed to sell my 1967 Camero. I was beginning college and there would be no way for me to earn enough car payment money. This meant take my car equity and buy a motorcycle.
Found a 1966 Honda CL 125.   After a day or so of training, a new rider was born. I had discovered motorcycling by default! Almost immediately I longed for a bigger bike! By age nineteen the 1968 Yamaha 350    was my ride and took me on a 10,000 mile camping trip to nearly every state. After ten weeks on the road, the bike still ran like a champ. In 1971, I was able to get a good deal on a 1969 BMW R60/5.    I had that sweet machine for years. Now, I’m on a Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra. I do love the good ride and to me that has meant the long ride. To others, the good ride is defined by their passions and choices.  

This rider is honored to a part of Dixie ABATE of Alabama because, with the help of the good people of this great state, motorcycling Safety and Awareness will be, like boating, fishing, hunting, and other sports such as football, soccer and baseball, another proud achievement of our Sweet Home!
Retired, after thirty-three wonderful years of public school teaching in Baldwin County, I have the privilege of being an MSF Nationally Certified RiderCoach. I work as a Program Manager/ Instructor. This means, I am part of a dawning in the lives of many a new rider. My heart is in the training because, as in all sports, training is everything.  
Looking for great things to come our way?

Keep your eyes on Dixie ABATE of Alabama

My name is Gene Powell and I am the Legislative Director for Dixie ABATE.

I am a life long Alabama native. For years I had considered motorcycling as alternative daily transportation. I have visited major cities in the US and in Europe where motorcycles and scooters are a major part of the transportation system. They are part of the solution for parking space, road space, fuel consumption and emissions. I was looking for more efficient transportation than my pick up truck. In 2013 at the age of 51 I purchased a scooter. Within a year I had taken a Basic Rider Course and was on a cruiser. I fell in love with motorcycles! My original goal was to ride 10,000 miles a year for fuel savings. I have nearly doubled that goal and rode over 18,000 miles in 2015! Due to my late start riding and my study of transportation in other countries, I think I offer a unique view on our legislation and training. The laws concerning motorcycles in Alabama are usually antiquated and based on stereotypes rather than facts. Rarely have we kept up with other states, much less world wide. I have become passionate (learning from my mistakes!) about laws concerning the safety and convenience for riders.

I hope you will join us in making motorcycling safer and a more attractive form of transportation / recreation in Alabama.

Feel free to contact me with suggestions or questions.


I'm Kris Cook, Dixie ABATE's secretary. I'm a transplanted Missourian, having grown up near Springfield. My day job is bookkeeper/administrative manager for a Birmingham insurance agency. I'm hardly a stereotypical biker. I have 28 years experience in accounting, secretarial functions, and management, and a degree in Communicative Disorders. When I was young, I was fascinated by motorcycles and dirt bikes, but my dad not only wouldn't let me touch one, he wouldn't even let me hang out with anyone who rode one. I guess he figured that fascination would go away, but it was there always, under the surface, as I worked my way through adulthood. I finally got my first motorcycle, a Shadow ACE 750, at 47, and totaled it three days later. At 51, I still had the riding bug, but was spooked at the thought of a big heavy bike. So I bought a Honda Rebel and rode it 5,000 miles. I ride a Suzuki GS500 now.

I think I bring useful skills to the table, since communication and networking are the foundation of a successful organization. I will be delighted to hear from you, whatever your comment or concern. I will act as a liaison between the membership and the executive board until my term in office is over, 12/31/2017. You may email me at kcook@dixieabate.org. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all.