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Dixie ABATE’s Ride to the Capitol 2013


Come ride with us as we make ourselves seen in Montgomery, the seat of Alabama government. This ride is not our “visit the state house” day, as it is on a Saturday, when legislators are not in town. But it is a very high visibility event, and is totally police-escorted. In previous years, we have ridden a short route from the Walmart parking lot on Atlanta Highway to the state house, where we had 3 speakers. Some years we’ve been hosted afterward by the local Harley Davidson dealer. This year, we are discussing an organized, escorted ride in to the starting point, from somewhere around Millbrook. We generally have organized rides coming from several points in the state, to get to the starting point.

There will be updates here as we make plans. When the flyer is ready, it will be posted here too. Come with us as we show Alabama that riders are a cohesive force, capable of speaking with one voice when necessary. Mark April 16th on your calendar.

Our next state-level meeting is at 2 PM on Saturday, April 2, at El Cerrito Mexican Restaurant, 2330 Cobbs Ford Service Road, Millbrook, AL 36054. This meeting is two weeks before the 2016 Ride to the Capitol. We will mostly have the ride planned by then, but it will be a good chance for us to pre-ride the route and make all the last minute plans.

Everyone needs to be publicizing this ride as much as possible prior to the date of the ride, which is April 16, 2016. We have not nailed down speakers yet, so if you would like to speak, or know anyone who would be a good candidate to speak to a bunch of riders, please let us know.

For more information, call Kris Cook at 205-617-9944 or email: kcook@dixieabate.org

We welcome all - you don't have to show up on a motorcycle.  If you care about motorcycling in Alabama, please come and let us hear what is on your mind.

If you are checking this website for the first time, it will be obvious to you that the website is not updated in anything remotely approaching a timely fashion.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t doing anything!  It just means that the person who is responsible for keeping the website updated is also the person who has a full time job, is in charge of newsletters, membership, the treasury, and communications.  She also is a full time caregiver for an elder with dementia.  There are only 24 hours in a day, so the website usually goes begging.  Rest assured that Dixie ABATE is alive and active.  And if you would like to take on the job of website manager, please contact Kris Cook at kcook@dixieabate.org.



Dixie ABATE of Alabama is a state motorcylists' rights organization (SMRO) dedicated to preserving individual freedom while promoting safety. We fully support rider training, including safety and educational programs, as well as motorcycle awareness education for all automobile drivers.
We are an active and dynamic organization, run by real people who are always ready to hear what you have to say. You can hit the Feedback button on this website and send us a message. We all work when we have to and ride when we can, and we can always use your help and participation. Let us know if you have any questions. Join us as we work toward uniting Alabama's riders so that we can help educate everyone who drives Alabama's roads and also keep an eye on Alabama's laws as they pertain to motorcycles and motorcycling.
We are gaining membership every week. Join our facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_181636211898 so you can keep up on what we're up to.

When it looks like we aren't doing anything, it doesn't mean that you have wasted your membership dues. Dixie ABATE is like the dragon sleeping on the treasure pile at the foot of the mountain. The dragon is still, but every would-be trespasser and thief knows he's there and respects his power. He doesn't have to blow fire all the time because of his strength and his potential for mayhem. We are only the powerful protector of rider freedom when we have the support of every rider in the state. Sportbike, adventure, and dirty riders, don't leave it to the middle-aged cruiser riders to carry the weight for you.
You ride too, and you have rights that are your responsibility to protect.

If you are not already a member of our forum, (see the "forum" button at the top of this page) please register and join the ongoing discussion. We parse the news, spice it up with plenty of argument and opinion, discuss everything under the sun related to motorcycling, and support one another as only bikers can. We post videos we find and put up pictures from our rides and meetings. We need your voice, too. Once you register, you will have to be approved, which could take a few hours. If you haven't received your approval within a day or two, email Kris at kcook@dixieabate.org.



















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Come to one of our meetings! We have so much to discuss. For information, email
Kris Cook at kcook@dixieabate.org