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Join our team today and be a part of a concerned and dedicated membership. We believe in this cause and enjoy the comradeship and community involvement. For more information contact Kris at: kcook@dixieabate.org.

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Membership benefits include:

- The pride you get from knowing you are supporting an organization that is tirelessly looking out for your interests.

- Discounts in selected motorcycle shops.

- A place to go when you have a problem and need input about how to handle it.

- Discounted rate for yearly membership in the Air Evac Lifeteam's program.

- Patch and membership card.

- Monthly newsletter sent via postal mail.

- E-mail blasts when there is news that needs to get to you quickly.

- Contact with state legislators to make sure they understand your views.

If you participate, you will make a group of new friends, and you will have the pride of knowing you were involved in something important that is bigger than you alone. It takes all of us to keep a hairy eyeball on our lawmakers and see that they make the laws that make sense, and refrain from making laws that don't. As the old saying goes, less is more. If you don't participate, we have no idea what is important to you.

Join us! Membership is only $20.00 per year, $30.00 for a couple.



Dixie ABATE of Alabama has signed an agreement with Air Evac Lifeteam, part of the AirMedCare network, to get a discounted annual subscription rate for our members. This is the largest air medical membership program in the United States, with over 900,000 members.
Dixie ABATE members don't restrict their rides to a 60-mile radius of the nearest top-tier hospital. We ride the roads of adventure to every corner of the country, and we are often far from anywhere when an emergency happens. Getting to a hospital that can handle a trauma in that first "golden hour" after an accident is often the crucial key to a good outcome, if not survival itself. If you wreck, have a heart attack, a stroke, a diabetic emergency, or other life-or limb-threatening emergency, a helicopter can look really, really good to you.

Single membership is $40.00 a year for paying Dixie ABATE of Alabama members. Rates aren't much higher for atwo-memberhousehold or for a 3-or-moremember household.This is incredibly affordable for a trip that could cost you 20%, or whatever part your health insurance does not cover, of a ride that typically runs between $13,000 and $17,000.